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The Mt. Olive Development Corporation (MODC) is a 501(c)3, not-for-profit agency devoted to addressing the economic, social, and educational needs of the residents of the east side of Buffalo, NY. Founded by Pastor William Gillison, the agency has offered services to improve the social and environmental conditions of the community. Projects over the years have included youth development and sports projects, health and wellness programs as well as employment development initiatives to improve the social aspects of the community. To address environmental issues and to reduce blight, MODC has obtained a number of housing units and vacant properties to provide affordable housing to low-income communities, and to redevelop properties and vacant lots for future use and development.

Pastor William Gillison


Robert Mootry, Jr.


Neroy Ivey


Debra Boles-Smith


Monique Bluford

Board Member​

Roderick Simmons

Board Member

Dwayne Gillison, Sr.

Board Member

James Booker

Board Member​

David Hayes

Board Member​

Mia Moore

Board Member

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